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Who is WanWizard?

WanWizard is the alter-ego of Harro Verton, a seasoned ICT veteran. Originally from The Netherlands, he has spent the last 30 years roaming the globe, first as a General Electric employee, the last 17 years as partner of Exite BV, an ICT company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unfortunately, currently he is in between jobs because of health related issues.

WanWizard started his development career writing IBM mainframe assembler. Via a short stint writing mainframe Cobol, he moved into writing in C, developing software to integrate the mainframe and PC world, mainly writing drivers for network operating systems like Novell Netware and Banyan Vines. This caused a gradual carreer shift from programming into networking. WanWizard is now professionally active as infrastructure architect, designing large network and datacenter environments, as project manager building those, and as interim operational manager running day to day network operations.

However, the programming virus has never left him. At the end of the last century he picked up programming again, and decided to go for the then upcomming language for the web, PHP. And he's been developing applications in PHP ever since.

WanWizard is a strong believer of Open Source software, and a contributor to several open source PHP projects. At the moment he is the current project lead for FuelPHP, an Open Source web application development framework.