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Fuel Rocks!

Posted by WanWizard on Sunday, 05/15/2011 01:25:27 PM

There is a new PHP development framework in town. It's name: FuelPHP!

It took less then 2 months development with a team of 4 seasoned PHP specialists to produce a completely new PHP framework, using the latest PHP has to offer. Some of the highlights:

  • FuelPHP requires PHP 5.3+ as it requires namespace and late static binding support
  • FuelPHP is lightning fast. Preliminary tests show it's welcome controller is faster than all other frameworks
  • FuelPHP comes with built-in support for page templates
  • FuelPHP has modules (application extensions) and packages (core extensions)
  • FuelPHP allows a developer to extend EVERY part of the framework

FuelPHP is community driven, come join us at the #FuelPHP IRC channel.

This website was built to see what the FuelPHP framework was capable off. It was written in about 8 hours, and uses most parts of the core code.

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